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Sara Phillipps
Skin care enthusiast. 

Our goal at Beni is to provide our subscribers with products that not only help them feel blessed in their natural body, but also help provide them with a skincare routine to improve their skins health and reduce the likelihood of reoccurring concerns. 

In each monthly Beni box we include four to five FULL sized items to give our subscribers a weekly skincare routine. 

The top skincare concerns for women and men are: Acne (skin breakouts, blackheads/ whiteheads), Dry skin, scars, and aging skin.



Acne is problem that plagues over 50 million Americans. Up to 85% of young people fight this battle so don't blame yourself. Acne appears when a pore in our skin clogs. This clog begins with dead skin cells when the body starts to make lots of sebum, the natural oil that stops our skin from drying out, the dead cells can become stuck together along the pore. The cells become trapped inside the pore and the result is acne.

The best way to stop mild acne from becoming a breakout is to clean your skin regularly and form a routine that works for you. The RRaw body frost does just that, it is an a natural exfoliating sugar scrub that can be used to clean your skins pores of dirt, excess oil, or bacteria that is accumulated through out the day. This helps stop break outs before they occur, but if you still are having trouble adding a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid often helps clears the skin. The RRAW handmade soap bar is also key because it allows you to use a all natural soap instead of other brands that often put chemicals in their soap without the consumers consent. If the product has unknown "fragrances", parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan and other chemicals it is often best to avoid these soap companies.

The RRAW handmade soap bar is the perfect replacement and is a must have. 


Dry skin is another problem affecting many americans and people around the world. Exposure to dry weather conditions, hot water, and some chemicals can as a result dry out your skin. Dry skin can also be a consequence of a medical condition.

To treat dry skin it is important to cut down on hot showers or baths, use warm water instead of hot water, add a natural scrub to your skincare routine, and also MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE.

The Shea Theory whipped body butter is a natural moisturizer that is the key to a great skincare routine. It not only gives the skin all the nutrients it needs but also reduces the presence of scaring, heals minor cuts/ scrapes, and leaves your skin feeling beautiful and smooth after its use. After using this moisturizer its hard to go back to any other. 


Beni as a brand sets itself apart by providing 100% natural, NON GMO, and Cruelty free products. 

Beni as a brand will also improve with every purchase as more brands are added to the list of partners.

RRAW  X Shea Theory  X  BENI

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