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Cure Acne and Dry Skin Today!

  Our goal at Beni is to provide our subscribers with products that not only help them feel blessed in their natural body, but also help provide them with a skincare routine to improve their skins health and reduce the likelihood of reoccurring concerns. In each monthly Beni box we include four to five FULL sized items to give our subscribers a weekly skincare routine.  The top skincare concerns for women and men are: Acne (skin breakouts, blackheads/ whiteheads), Dry skin, scars, and aging skin. ACNE Acne is problem that plagues over 50 million Americans. Up to 85% of young people fight this battle so don't blame yourself. Acne appears when a pore in our skin clogs. This clog begins with...

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My skin care routine and FAVORITE clay mask!!

When searching for a skin care routine its important to have a clay mask that works for you. Clay mask are good to use because they help remove dirt, sebum, and any possible bacteria from your skins pores. When you apply a clay mask you'll noticeably feel your skin dry and get "tighter" because the clay pulls all your skins natural oils and anything blocking your pores to the surface. After you apply a mask it is important to re-hydrate your skin. I like to stick to natural remedies so after using a clay mask I apply little Aloe Vera leaf to my face to both heal any surface blemishes and also re-hydrate my skin. After washing my face with...

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Protect Your Skin

We all love a good sunbathe, whether it's on the beach or beside the pool. Nothing feels quite so lovely and warm as those glorious rays shining down on your skin! But, we all also know about the dangers of too much sunshine, from an unattractive and painful burn to the much more serious risk of skin cancer. We give you guidelines for that protection. 

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