Let us tell you about our story.

When founders Gabriel Vanterpool and Nae'mir Johnson deeply examined the prolonged trend of women masking their face with extensive amounts of makeup to "make themselves beautiful" they got inspired to create Beni, a company dedicated to changing the mindset of women. 

You're Blessed In Your Own Body.

Young women to elders, realize that the most high hand crafted each and everyone of you. Respect yourself, take care and appreciate what you have. 

Our Mission

Béni is more than a subscription box or brand, we're a movement that wants to change the mindset of our women for future generations.  We encourage our women that they're blessed in their own body and that they don't need makeup to feel beautiful. Beauty begins when you start being yourself. You're blessed in your own body. 

Here's How You Can Help


Pick a plan and enjoy monthly Beni boxes shipped to your mailbox. 


Share your experience with your friends, family and everyone you come across. 


Be the BENI brand because the BENI brand is you.

Our Founders

Nae'mir Johnson, Co-founder

Sierra Cache, Chief Ambassador 

Gabriel Vanterpool, Co-founder


Feel free to contact us on social media  @Benisupply or via email. (button below)